Online loans with favorable terms

  • up to 25 000 Rs with 0%
  • loans in 15 minutes
  • receive money in a bank account
  • service charge of 0 Rs
* 0% fee for the first loan
100% data protection

* Only for new customers.
Interest-free loan 25 000 Rs, interest 0 Rs, repayment 25 000 Rs. APR 0%.

1. Fill out the application

Choose the best deal and fill out the application form. It will take very little time.

2. Receive the confirmation

The decision can be received, on average, within 15 minutes of filling out the application.

3. Receive the money

You'll receive the money in your bank account within minutes of approving your loan application.



The service provided by the company exceeded my expectations. I was in need of some financial assistance and they came through for me. Being a new client, I was able to secure a loan at a favorable interest rate, which was a pleasant surprise.

In the past, obtaining a loan used to be a lengthy process taking more than a day. However, things have changed for the better now. It's incredibly convenient as I received the money very fast.


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Their competent professionals are always ready to address any queries or concerns. Thanks to Credify, I feel at ease and confident in my financial decisions.


I express my gratitude to the company for their responsible and honest approach.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can get a loan online?

A resident of the Sri-Lanka between the age of 20 and 80 with any credit history, bank account in one of the Sri Lankan banks, and an active phone number.

Can I get several loans at once?

Yes, you can get several loans at once.

Where can I repay my loan?

The loan repayment can be made at any bank branch, online or in the Sri-Lanka at self-service payment terminals.

How long does it take to process a loan application?

In most cases, a decision is made within 15 minutes to one business day

How long will it take to receive my loan?

Money in the bank account or in cash is received after signing the online contract by both parties. The money will be deposited into your account after your application is approved.

The most suitable loan

Money in bank account in 15 minutes
Minimum document requirement
Interest-free loan
24 hours a day

Get an online loan offer in seconds. The service is suitable for borrowers who have reached the age of 20 and can be used for any purpose. Credify may receive a commission from featured financial companies. The Commission can influence the way loan products are displayed, for example their layout. The commission allows site visitors to use Credify services free of charge.